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  Quiz 3: Do you know this already? Mac Simulator

Do you know this already?

Click here to complete the simulation and answer the questions below.

1) Click Terminal.

2) Enter the command: "ifconfig"

TIP: Type the commands "help" or "show me" for help in the simulations.

Reynold Lubin
When I enter my command I can't see the Ipv4 address on my screen. What did I do wrong?
David Bombal
Hi Reynold,

Do you get no output on the terminal when you use the "ifconfig" command? Please try using another browser and turning off blockers and other software (Ghostery etc). It works on my computer even with Ghostery turned on, but there may be something in your browser / add ons blocking.

Gary Robinson
Hello David,

Just a quick question. I have completed the welcome and the do you already know this modules. I've noticed the bubbles next to the modules are clear as though I never completed the task. Is this a bug in the course? Or will the circles be filled at another time? Just asking so I don't lose track of the task I have completed.

Thanks and excellent course by the way.
David Bombal
Thank you for the feedback Gary.

Please let me know if you need any more help.

All the best!
Gary Robinson
Disregard my previous comment. I figured it out.
Robert Argetsinger
The MAC address of the physical ethernet interface is 28:cf:e9:15:96:4d in the simulation not 28:cf:39:15:96:4d as it is in the answer (e9, not 39).
David Bombal
Thanks Robert, I have fixed the typo.
Andrew Edelstein
Note that you're "correct" answer for the IPv4 broadcast address is given as "192.168.1,255", when of course that should be "".
David Bombal
Thank you Andrew.

I have corrected the typo.
Ron Martens
The vnic entries might confuse some people.
Andrew Edelstein
If it does, they're not paying attention to the question, given that it's phrased "en0" or "physical ethernet interface". If they're sufficiently savvy enough to be taking this course, they should be able to figure out the difference between an "en" interface and a "vnic".