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Will I get certificate after completion of course ?
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Hi David,

Thank you for the great courses and GNSTalk on youtube. I would like to know how can I integrate Cisco OpenFlow App into ODL as you showed it in the video in the Youtube. I went through the developer GitHub page, all I was able to do is to install and integrate ODL and mininet on the same VM.

Thank you so much in advance.

Guisset Amadou tidiane
i speak frensh francais
je parle francais je comprends pas l'anglais je comprends un peux
David Bombal
My apologies for the delayed reply. Unfortunately I don't speak French. This course is only available in English.
la zhao
I am not new to networking, but new to SDN, hope to learned about the concepts.
David Bombal
I hope you enjoy the course!
la zhao
I download HPE VAN SDN Controller, "HPE Controller release 2.7 -VMware New Install". The summary tab on "General/OpenFlow monitor" is disabled. How to enable it?
David Bombal
You need to have switches registered with the controller to view their information.
Sovanna Chuon
Hi David and colleagues,

I've used OpenFlow in the past when I worked for InCNTRE which is a part of Indiana University. I just need a quick review to brush up on my knowledge. I'll be working on NEC ProgrammableFlow controller a lot. If you could add that to your lecture in the future, it would be great. As for the practical part, I plan on building an SDN proof-of-concept lab of my own on Traffic Engineering, VxLAN, connection to VoIP system and programmatically enabling traffic shaping and bandwidth optimization and using automation tool such as Ansible. Feel free to share your thought on this. I look forward to completing the course.
David Bombal
Very cool :)
Achraf Azhari
Hi , just joined the course looking to learn about SDN and OpenFlow concepts
David Bombal
Hi Achraf,

Welcome to the Course! I hope you'll learn a lot.

mahesh mashalkar
Hello ! I am totally new to OpenFlow and SDN. Actually, I am a solution designer for SMB and SME customers here in India. But, I am interested in SDN and OpenFlow. Hopes to understand these concepts.
David Bombal
Hi Mahesh,

I hope you enjoy the course and learn a lot!

All the best
Shahzad Ahmad
Hello I am very excited to be here. Looking forward to get as much as i can:)
David Bombal
I am so glad to hear that Shahzad! All the best with your studies and just let me know if you need help.
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Hi i have to create openflow network for campus network.which controller is best to use for this type of project.
David Bombal
Difficult question to answer. Which is better - a BMW or Mercedes? Porsche or Ferrari? If you want a router, is Cisco or Juniper better? Your question is too broad to answer.

The Open Source controllers most popular at the moment are ODL and ONOS.

Commercial options include HPE and Brocade and others.

All the best.
Guy Loucks
Juniper, Cisco, Nuage, and Arista? Although vendor aligned there are also the Brocades of the world...
Auni Munira
Hi, I'm new here! :)
David Bombal
Welcome to the course Auni! I hope you learn a lot and I hope the course is of benefit to you.
hisham alzain
I am just joined the course.
David Bombal
Welcome Hisham!